Now available as a model, 1/60 scale, 36 inches long.

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This is a spectacular conversation piece for you to put together and is made entirely from Paper. It is based on the Jules Verne submarine as featured in Disneys version of "20,000 leagues under the sea". All parts are color printed on heavy cardstock paper and are to be cut out, folded, and glued. Minimal coloring of cut edges is required using markers. Please refer to the photograph for the complete set of tools required to complete the model. Type of soup is optional.

This is not origami and the model comes completely painted. While the folding, cutting, and gluing of each piece are not very difficult, please note, this model is not for beginners, it is complicated and it is highly recommended that the builder be familiar with the art of paper modelling before attempting this model. I have supplied a picture copy here of one of the actual pieces, I recommend that you print it, and try and build the piece. The model will be printed on much stiffer paper than regular computer paper though.

The photographs shown are of an actual build of the exact model you will receive. The model comes with spare parts, and spare "copper plating" so customization and repairs can be made. If you really mess up a part I will also send out replacements at no additional charge.

Here are some more pics of the 1/60 scale Nautilus under construction:

Further pictures of a test build and step by step
build instructions can be seen at:


Nautilus Submarine Paper Model, 36" or 18"

9" model 1/240 scale - $29 on request

Shipping and Handling is $9 for the United States, please contact for all others. All currency is stated in US Dollars. Order form at bottom of this page.

Happy customer builds!!!

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                      4) 3/2006 Bryan's build with an amazing display case:

                      3) 2/2006 Bob's build with extra parts, and enhancement sheet:

                      2) 9/2005 Chris:

                      1) Bill's build:     

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Learn to draw the Nautilus:

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Interior images of the Nautilus:
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The adventures of Captain Nemo Comic book:


    A great user group and resource for just about everything on the Nautilus, Including about the most comprehensive set of blueprints I've seen.
    Jason Gares is a professional model builder I have teamed up with who can build this model for you if you like. Far better and cheaper than I can.

Please feel free to email for any questions, concerns, ordering and price
information. Volume discounts are available, as well as a 18", and 9"
version. I will gladly supply building tips. Thanks for looking.

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